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July 26, 2020

BWP (Boiling Water Proof) and BWR ( Boiling Water Resistance) are the 2 major marine grade plywood. Since both are resistance to boiling water they are often used in kitchen cabinets, where the contact of water is high. This blog is regarding the benefits of BWP and BWR.   BOILING WATERPROOF PLYWOOD (BWP) BWP plywood...

July 24, 2020

The year 2020 has been very tragedic due to this pandemic. The daily life of individuals has got affected very badly. Since 90% of Indians are doing work from home now, They get the chance to spend more time inside the house than anywhere. Due to this,  there is a huge spike in electricity bills....

July 20, 2020

An interior designer would have gone through a struggle called client communication; As a remedy for this,they started using interior designer mood board. Moods boards are the one which exposes the ideas of the designer in a form where the client can figure out and also can input their suggestion. This makes a feel to...

July 18, 2020

The false ceiling is the one that is fitted below the original ceiling of the room. They are braced at a minimum distance of 8 inches from the original ceiling; the size may vary according to the house and designs. They are suspended in the original ceiling by a wooden or a metal frame. At...

July 16, 2020

Countertops are the dominant part of the kitchen. When it comes to the interior of the house, the kitchen is the main part to be done and so the countertop. Homeowners primarily use quartz and granite for their countertop, since; they are the one which is in demand. It says that Quartz and Granite in...

July 15, 2020

An Interior decorator is the one who connects with the client to make their living space more beautiful. They help the client to select and get decorative elements like paint, textiles, and furniture, etc. The decorator must know how clients wish for their dream home to be, and the decorators work for it. The benefit...

July 14, 2020

Refurbishing kitchen is the trend in interiors now. Huge varieties and production methods prevail in it, which is not that easy to confirm. Carpenter made kitchen and Modular kitchen are the two type of methods to modernize your kitchen. Let’s get into the comparison of both. Advantages and Disadvantages of Carpenter made Kitchen. Carpenter made...

July 11, 2020

An interior designer is the one who brings life to space. They work along with the clients, to know more about the requirements and their dream about home. A residential interior designer can rear your boring spaces and bring ingenuity to the rooms. A designer doesn’t just design for the room or space only, ahead...

July 8, 2020

When it comes to the creation of an elegant home, even the slight change turns out to be beautiful or the opposite. Managing the balance, forming up the theme, taking care of the furniture, all these have to be concerned. Interior mistake are very often in house but we should always be vigilant about it....

July 7, 2020

An architect is the most important person in the construction range; they give out the visual presentation of the house before the final structural design. They are the one who must have more communication with the clients since he is the one who collabs the ideas and creativity suggested by the clients along with the...

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