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The false ceiling is the one that is fitted below the original ceiling of the room. They are braced at a minimum distance of 8 inches from the original ceiling; the size may vary according to the house and designs. They are suspended in the original ceiling by a wooden or a metal frame. At present, we can have large varieties of false ceiling with different colors and designs. In this blog, you will get to know about the different types of false ceiling.


Gypsum is the progeny of calcium; light weight ceiling are mostly used. The durability of the gypsum ceiling depends on the quality of the metal frames. The installation process for the gypsum ceiling is very easy and effortless. Gypsum is a smooth factory finish material so that, the durability will last for long.


We use gypsum to make Plaster of Paris. You can get it in powder form, which you can then turn into a paste according to your design. The design for the ceiling depends upon the homeowners. They are extremely durable; they can sustain for years without any wear and tear. Pop is very cheap to get when we compare it with gypsum.


In fiber ceilings, we mostly use mineral fiber tile ceiling. You might know them as an acoustic or soundproofing ceiling. We make them by mixing natural and synthetic material. Fiber ceilings are very hard and tough, making them the best choice for heat and fire resistance. You can see these types of ceilings in commercial buildings like shopping malls, retail showrooms, and offices.


The wooden ceiling is the best natural product. This has the most varieties of texture and patterns that can please the eyes. They come in the form of wooden blocks, boards, and panels. You can install them with just screws and nails. Wooden ceilings are good for cold climate. They are durable but non-resistance for termite attacks. The wooden ceiling is quite expensive and need high maintenance . For the rich look and elegant gaze, we may use of wooden ceiling.


The glass ceiling is non-crystalline material with the character of non-brittle and non-transparent but can be altered for these features. They are resistant and also give out different designs that increase the visual appearance.


The metal ceiling can use extensively in a false ceiling. They are very hard and durable materials, which can increase the life of the ceiling. The metal used for ceiling are galvanize iron and aluminum. They can be easily install and reattach; they are very less in cost. The metal ceiling does not need high maintenance.


The cloth ceiling is also called the synthetic leather ceiling because the material used here is either leather or cloth. Since it is a man-made product, we can turn out these materials into any design and shape. The cloth ceiling will increase the aesthetic look of interiors. The major demerit of cloth ceiling is that they have low lightning property due to this; they use only in temporary buildings.

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