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Warranty Registration

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  • Discover the seamless process of registering your warranty with Wudbell – simplicity at its best. By effortlessly scanning the QR code on the right side, you open the gateway to a hassle-free registration experience.
  • Upon accessing the provided link, you’ll encounter a user-friendly form designed for your convenience. To guide you through the process, we’ve included a comprehensive video tutorial within the form. Take a moment to watch the tutorial, ensuring a smooth and accurate completion of the form.
  • At Wudbell, we prioritize your satisfaction and strive to make every interaction with our products as effortless as possible. Register your warranty with confidence, knowing that our user-friendly system is here to support you every step of the way.
  • Experience the ease of warranty registration with Wudbell today – where convenience meets quality.
Terms & Conditions
Upto 10-Year Warranty*
  1. All your woodwork is covered under the WudBell’s 10-year warranty*. This safeguards you against any defect in manufacturing or in installation workmanship.
  2. All accessories, hardware and appliances are covered as per the respective Manufacturer’s Warranty Policy.
  3. A detailed description of our Warranty Policy is also mentioned in the WudBell Works Contract for your reference. You can refer to the Works Contract when you are making the 2nd installment payment of 40% of the quote value.
Cleaning Services
  1. Post installation, the following set of services will be done at the site:
    1. Dusting, sweeping and mopping of all areas
    2. Cleaning of doors of the cabinets to remove pencil marks and dust
    3. Cleaning the insides of wooden cabinets
    4. Deep cleaning with the use of mechanical equipment is out of scope.
WudBell Care
  1. For any concerns after project completion and handover, please raise your request through
  2. We provide one service visit to the site, free-of-cost, within 6 months of the project completion and handover, for routine checks which cover moving parts like hinges, channels etc. Our Care team will contact you to schedule the visit. The free service addresses issues like minor alignment, loose parts etc. It also covers general alignment check of all shutters, lofts, the functioning of drawers and all accessories, and any additional concealment of wiring for the TV unit.
  3. Since some products are designed to have a lot of moving parts, our products may require occasional re-alignment and servicing. If there are any service and maintenance requests after the free service, they will be taken up on a chargeable basis. WudBell’s current service visit fee is a sum of Rs.750 (Rupees Seven Hundred and Fifty) per visit. This visit includes re-alignment of all products, but without any replacements. This request will have to be raised by the customer through
  4. During this visit, if an item is found to be faulty, the same will be replaced in the below scenarios:
    1. If the work involved is only replacement of items covered under warranty, and no other realignment/replacement, the sum of Rs. 750 will be waived off
    2. If the work includes re-alignment of units and/or replacement of items not covered under warranty (due to physical damage, continuous water leakage, rusting, etc), the cost of replacement will be over and above Rs. 750, and a bill for the same will be provided after the visit.
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