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An architect is the most important person in the construction range; they give out the visual presentation of the house before the final structural design. They are the one who must have more communication with the clients since he is the one who collabs the ideas and creativity suggested by the clients along with the building laws and regulations. Clients are the one who appoints the architect according to their satisfaction and convenience. They is a particular person who is involved in all the phases of construction, which includes- designing, supervising, engineering, managing etc.

Types of Architect

Residential Architect: The one who designs the customized houses is Residential Architect. These are the one which has more creative and aesthetic about their project. They keep a strong bond with clients.

Housing Architect: When the residential project comes with a large scale is dealt with by housing architect. Apart from the floor plan, they may more than one house layout.

Commercial Architect:  Commercial Architect designs more of commercial buildings like Office, Shopping Malls, etc. They are more concerned about public buildings and user-centric also. A large scale with more Architects and Consultants is Commercial projects.


Interior Designer: Architects sometimes prefer to invest their knowledge in detailing and designing the interiors of a structure. While some architects proceed in this direction to have complete control of their project from constructing their building to designing its interiors with the same vision, others prefer the detailing required in styling the interiors as to working on a large scale architectural project.

Role of an Architect

Architect is the one who is both artistic and practical in the construction process. The client or the sponsors will decide the architect concerned to the project. Right after the project confirmation they will plan a meeting with the client to discuss the design and project.They must be the one who should recommend the most useful and valuable suggestion for the client. They must bring productive and creative factors in the building, which should be accepted by both client and designer.

Responsibilities of an Architect

The first and most important responsibility of an architect is to take care the safety of the building, they must regularly check whether workers are constructing in the exact of the project and also with the safety measures for both building and workers. They must conduct regular client meeting such that the construction work will also happen rapidly which will satisfy the client. Financial discussion is the one decisive responsibility of an architect. Later when the project reaches to construction stage, a routine site visit must be done. The problem that arises in the site during construction must be solved and managed by them.

Cost Estimation

Cost estimation is an eminent part of every sector; once the construction begins, the budget list will start breaking off and the final cost may be higher than the quotation, which is quite obvious in every business. When the budget rises, the client may come up with complications; in that case, they must be the one who should find the solution with alternatives. The architect should always try to keep up the cost within the budget provided by the client. It says that cost management works when they takes charge.

Marketing in Architecture

Architect can highlight their work through marketing. Marketing architects also design and construct data infrastructures that allow businesses to easily access the data in an organized manner. Architects spend their life looking for the coolest designs most refined products. They are trained to pick out uneven lines, inconsistent colors, random changes in tone, imagery and so on.


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