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Refurbishing kitchen is the trend in interiors now. Huge varieties and production methods prevail in it, which is not that easy to confirm. Carpenter made kitchen and Modular kitchen are the two type of methods to modernize your kitchen. Let’s get into the comparison of both.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Carpenter made Kitchen.

Carpenter made kitchens made on hand work. Carpenter spends the entire time shaping up the plywood, which needed for the making of the kitchen. This turns out to increase more errors and glitches.

Advantages of carpenter made kitchen


  • This is one of the old methods to build up the kitchen and quite empathetic technique.
  • Carpenters are conveniently available at any time and easy to reach out to.
  • The budgeting method is very primitive; carpenters work within the budget given by the clients.
  • Changes and corrections are done within the spot, even in front of the client.
  • Carpenters will accept the customization; all they consider is client satisfaction.


Disadvantages of Carpenter made kitchen


  • The hand made kitchen will definitely meet the burden of finishes and quality.
  • The cabinets here are permanently fixed so, dismantling is impossible. Thus while moving out; you have to leave all the things behind.
  • Budget pricing is quite conceivable, but variation is common.
  • Design that is in trend or to design artistically is impractical.
  • Virtual Vision of your kitchen is not possible, such as 3D design, layout, etc.
  • Edge binding and mechanical techniques seem to be tough.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Modular Kitchen

Factory made kitchen are likely called Modular kitchen. Handmade materials are very rare in the modular kitchen. In a modular kitchen, an elegant look is an assurance. 

Advantages of Modular Kitchen


  • The installation process is very easy in Modular kitchens.
  • Since the modular kitchen is complete factory-made dismantling the entire kitchen while moving is accessible.
  • Factory wood seems to have more durability than the solid wood which is using in carpenter made kitchen.
  • Theme setting is the unique pros in modular kitchen. Color, design, etc. can be selected according to the client’s theme.
  • Modular kitchens are designed by professional kitchen planners so that the efficient storage space would be possible.
  • Fast delivery option is an appealing factor in modular kitchen and assembling things are also very neat, whereas in carpenter made kitchen; the messiness is quite detectable
  • Finishes are the first assurance in modular kitchen


Disadvantages of Modular Kitchen


  • A high-quality product will always have high pricing. Modular kitchen costs very much higher than the carpenter made kitchen.
  • Engineered wood also may have drawbacks, so; taking care of wood matters here.
  • Maintaining matte or glossy modular kitchen needs high efforts if no; chances for scratches and dullness are also high.
  • Make sure the kitchen design is same as the designer depicted.

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