For All The Book Lovers, Here’s A Guide To Store All Your Books Perfectly.

March 15, 2020by Sajith0

Do you ever crave for a nice, cute space for your precious pile of books? Do you have the desire to display your pride and joy in your apartment via maybe a bookshelf? Do you hate stocking them up in cartons or under the bed because you can’t seem to figure out their rightful place?

Well, don’t worry. Now you can buy as many books as you want from that bookstore you never leave empty-handed from, zero guilt whatsoever, have an adorable space to stack them in and improve your apartment vibe, all at the same time.

Baby steps to your very own library!

All these simple steps to follow and then we’ll guide you to achieve probably the only missing factor in your life as a book-lover.

1) Measure and Count –Before finalizing anything else and choosing a beautiful bookshelf, you need to know the books you have. The old ones to the most recent ones you got from the bookstore. Measuring the various sizes of the books for accommodation and shelf size, both length and thickness, selecting and counting the ones you want on the shelf and how much space would they require is everything to be done before even thinking about buying any possible shelf out there.

2)  Figure the space out – Your apartment might have a lot of empty corners, empty walls or even an empty room. Every aspect of available space needs to be looked at, measured to see if it’s the most accurate one for a bookshelf and if yes, of what size. Again, the space should also be enough to have a shelf that satisfies your requirements to accommodate your books. It is all a very connected process after all.

3) Choose carefully – Every mentioned factor along with budget, pricing, material has to be considered. Consider how long do you want that beautiful bookshelf before redesigning, how the weather of your city is and what would suit your overall apartment ambiance. Colour, texture, and shape can enhance or ruin any flat décor in mere seconds.

4) Quirky Touches –A bookshelf is what you make of it. Try to own it by adding your own little touches. Cute mugs, dream catchers, DIY lamps can do the job. There is always space for a little plant as well! Some people even added frames along with a pen stand to allow multi-usage.

Now that we have the basics covered, time to figure it out!

Corner Bookshelves – A type of bookshelf, especially corner bookshelves are unique in many ways. If you are short on space, prefer something cozy or want to accommodate a large amount of similar-sized books in a small space, then this is the best option. Usually available in single or dual color options, pick one that goes with your wall. For example a steel brown one for a while wall, a cream one for a grey wall and so on. In fact, depending on the space, a variety of walls including, single column, double column, pyramid-shaped, L shaped can be chosen.

Wall-mounted bookshelves – Why not use those empty walls for a better purpose. If you have light books that are lesser in number, then a variety of walls shelves option is available. Even though they aren’t as sturdy as corner bookshelves, they are easy to use, do the job and can be easily relocated! Have fun below a few pictures along with souvenirs and it’s all done.


Solid wood bookshelves – Usually decently prices, easily available on offline and online platforms, these ones are safe and reliable.A solid wood bookshelf gives a sophisticated look along with sturdiness. It was be customized into any material, works in all temperatures and avoids dangers of bad support. It is also available in various polished colors.

Don’t forget, a bookshelf can be purchased ready-made or customized.

Seize the perfect option now!



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