5 Tips to make use the most of the corners of your house

March 15, 2020by Sajith0

You know how you have certain things in life that just don’t fit in? Well, it is the same old story of every house or apartment. Those empty corners, cramped entryways, sloped ceilings and spaces above kitchen cabinets, all alone and lacking luster.  

Don’t worry, we’ve saved you some thinking and figure out simple and useful ways to adding some shine and productivity to the much-needed spaces.

  1. Empty Corners

Well, it’s not rare that you find multiple empty wall corners in various apartments. They are the places that aren’t paid much attention to when moving in and then remain out of the spotlight for eternity. However, they are the ones which actually have multiple uses and can even be converted into work area. Try adding a study table to fit into the space with a chair

However, in case that doesn’t work out, we’ve got other plans too. Add a long designer lamp to spread some light especially if it works with your wall color. You can even add a bean bag to make it your own personal corner. Last but not least, for all those nerds, why not add a step layered wall bookshelf?

  • Above kitchen cabinets

If you have that narrow passageway between your kitchen cabinet and ceiling, that just doesn’t seem right, we have a solution. Why not shelter out some recipe books or fun reading and settle them on top? Make it a bookshelf. You can also go a little more environment-friendly and use plants (either pots or branches) to add a breath of fresh air. You can use fairy lights and photo frames to make it feel a little more personal as well! Why not add a small sculpture up top to add a contemporary look?

  • Under staircases

Remember the Harry Potter movie series? Harry’s little room under the staircase was a dream for all us kids. Well, if you have it then you might as well use it. You can easily convert the space into a work area with a small table and chair. Or take some inspiration from the movies and add a cozy low bed with comfy cushions.

In Fact, if space permits and you have enough of work areas around, you could add a shoe rack with a funky wallpaper to ensure creativity and usage. You could add a jacket rack and hat holder for guests if it’s near the door.

  • CrampedEntryways

You could lighten up the mood and add a touch of sparkle to make your cramped entryway fresh and welcoming. Why not, use some lights and lamps along with contrasting wallpapers? You can even add a shoe rack instead. A family portrait and colorful rug will do the job as well. In fact, the best way to make it look for spacious is to use mirrors. Add a long mirror in the corner or around one on the wall beside frames. You can even write quotes or wall hangings beside them!

  • Below Cupboards

Those old wooden cupboards usually leave a lot of space under them. It’s usually a lot of flat space but not a lot of height. It makes it difficult to figure out a good use for them. Well, you can use them as a space for your shoes, especially ones you use on a regular basis. They can even be used to have small boxes or containers that have used books or old memories that aren’t for display. Oh, also, a small secret. It is the perfect place to hide your secret stock of snacks for those midnight cravings!

  • Sloped ceilings

Sometimes you don’t have a choice when you have a slanting ceiling to work with. Usually plain colored, they don’t come with a lot of decor. However, it is a ceiling that you look up to and it should be something fun. Buying a few spray paints and creating random designs can work. Even seasonal decorations like designer lights, stickers or glitters can add some glamour. You can paint your favorite quote, put some posters or even put up small photographs!

To be honest, it’s not a very tiresome or expensive task. All you need to figure out is what you have, what you need and what you can afford. Match it all with our suggestions and the task is done. Moreover, in today’s world, using every nook and corner can save you a lot of money and thoughts of living in a small flat.



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