A sneak-peek to Handle-Less Kitchen Design

March 15, 2020by Sajith0

A sneak-peek to Handle Less Kitchen Design

Our home is the reflection of our personality and the kitchen is the window into our home’s soul. Handleless Kitchens is a perfect addition to the beauty of the condo. It is timeless and versatile, and at the same time it is accommodating and uncluttered, it serves as a statement to your lifestyle. Previously, it was considered as a niche but as the standard of living is developing, handle less kitchen design have gained popularity and the market is growing stronger by the day.

Kitchen Design


It’s Time To Say No to Handles

Handleless kitchens are the best fit for the people looking for a mix of modern and contemporary styles as it adds a classy and stylish touch to your home. People who have some serious problems with all the screeching noise of the furniture must opt for this as it will set them free from the irritating noise of drawers because handle-less kitchens have soft closing hinges of drawers and cupboards. The constant conscience which keeps saying about the unconscious attack from wooden, metal, or glass handles and cupboards wouldn’t be a concern anymore.

There are various options for cabinets but a ‘true handleless’ design recesses a solid steel channel running through the top line of the cabinet. This creates a ‘J’ profiled space on the top, bottom or side of the cabinet making it smooth for your fingers to curl onto it and to top that the aluminum steel finish gives it a high-class look. The large drawers define the class as well as make it look clutter-free when putting together in a straight line. These kitchens also provide child safety as the cabinets are difficult for children to access and one also can also opt for child locks.



Myriad Options for Cabinets

A kitchen bottom with a multi-purpose cutlery unit is something that makes the modern kitchen desirable. Handle less kitchen serve this need and provides a series of base unit cabinets that have recessed channels between the mid-lines which grants access to them. A similar series of cabinets is built at the overhead of the kitchen. An edge profile is added to the carcass of the overhead units so that they are easy to access. These cabinets have well-defined cutlery blocks and have plain space with anti-skid Matt inside for utensils such as a separate plate rack for breakfast plates, a unit to keep the expensive silverware and to store your collection of wine glasses.


Myriad Options for Cabinets


The Tall and wall units are another feature that handleless kitchens offer. They are similar to base units except they have an integrated space at the bottom or side of the door which will allow you to open and shut the cabinets. They are known as the shadow gaps and usually have a gap of about 25mm between the door and the unit. These units also have large horizontal channels fitted to them which brings the built-in microwave tall unit concept. In such units, large appliances are fitted inside the structure along with cabinets.


microwave tall unit concept


The kitchen island is the show- stopper of the kitchen. The artistry of the island can be enhanced by making it handle- less too. This will make a walkway around the island easier and the edges won’t snag your clothes. You can choose to run the entire channel on the entire side of the island and onto the back face. This way you can make the edges look fantastic and give the kitchen a wow- factor. The image below is a perfect example of a kitchen island.

kitchen island


What should be the Colour and Texture of the Kitchen?

Another important thing that pops in one’s mind is the color of the cabinets and texture of the walls that will complement the house. This totally depends on the kind of look you want to give to your kitchen. If you want a minimalist look, go for basic colors like brown and give a pattern-less look to the doors and worktops. On the other hand, if you want to add a little drama to the kitchen, consider colorful units, patterned doors, and acrylic Laminates. However, if you want to have some brilliant texture and color of the walls, pick some flashing wall units with floor or contrast cabinet units with the wall, there are a plethora of color and textures to choose from.

You can choose from a host of finishes and designs available for your handleless kitchen – from matte to glossy. However, if you are concerned about finger marks on the cabinets and units you can go for matt or textured finishes instead of glossy ones.  The doors and drawers also come in various designs from gloss to glass matt and from curved to rough-cut woods. Everything can be customized according to your tastes and preferences.


matt or textured finishes


Handle-less Appliances.

With the increase in the market of handle less kitchen design, the appliances have become handle-less too. To complement the sleek look of the kitchen, one can go for built-in appliances like integrated ovens, dishwashers and cutlery units. These built-in appliances have a slimmer profile and have fewer controls making it user-friendly. For example, modular chimneys have a slim look and more suction power.

Refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers have all followed suit and are available with handleless doors and some of them have an ‘auto open’ function- the doors of such appliance open as soon as the activity assigned is over.

Handleless kitchens are here to stay and the trend is only expected to grow. The cost of these kitchens are expensive than their handled counterpart. But a little more expensive to make your kitchen of dreams is no harm. In the generation where everything is customized, from our mobile phones to cars, all our demands can be put together in one single place. And so can be your kitchen.


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