5 hacks to Glam Up Your Home-Sweet-Home

February 24, 2020by Sajith0

Do you think your personal space at home is too crammy? Do you want to brighten up your apartment vibe? Are you up for some interesting changes? Tired of receiving looks about old furniture?

Well, then, why not fill all those existing loopholes in your apartment decor, add spark and life by simple techniques. Change up your living room interior via these simple and easy to understand hacks.

Add color to spice it up
You can be vying for the whole Wake up Sid, splashing wall paints all-around type creativity. Or just wanting to add some happy colors like red, yellow or oceanic blue in the form of drapes and cushions. Creative Wall paint can include slogans, pictures with themed borders or even something abstract. Customizable or self-stitched cushions matched with your used furniture can uplift the mood.

Banters and posters of favorite artists or crazy family memories not only add color but also the homely vibe. You can also paint the sides of drawers and doors to have a cute touch. A variety of tapes, of different colors and sizes, can be used to try your hand at art as well.

The big way
A room or house may seem small or just not enough to be your kind of space. Add a long mirror in a wall corner to help with that. Multiple mirrors of multiple sizes and thicknesses can be used. In fact, if the budget allows, designer and artistic ones are also easily available. However, avoid placing them right opposite to windows as that would ruin the whole purpose itself. Hanging compact mirrors are also the trend these days.



Even sticking to white walls or sheer drapes can create more breathing room. You should use foldable sofas and furniture to change your living room interiors whenever needed. Cabinets with wheels, foldable chairs or bean bags can also do the job. Another small tip half painted walls will tend to give the impression of a higher ceiling.

Light them up
With the current pace of urbanization, you might be craving for light these days. Even though natural light is ideal, it’s not easy to avail. Worry not we’ve got the best indoor lighting solutions for you. Avoiding harsh, big and overhead lights would save cost and allow space for more personal touches.

Instead, going for two or more floor lamps or table lamps of varying height would improve the whole look. Even fairy lights on walls, tables along with scented candles aid the whole process of a good apartment feel. In fact, hanging a mirror behind lamps can illuminate better.

Escape from the fade
Is your used furniture losing its charm? Faded upholstery, overused carpets or scratched surfaces draw the wrong kind of attention. The go-to technique would be to cost-effectively and uniquely change it up. Cover surfaces with souvenirs, books, and bright mats. Replace carpets with themed doormats or plastic tiles. Again, cushions can be used to shine shabby sitting arrangements. Spray painting can also work on used tiles and rugs.

Get rid of Boredom
Well, forget everything you might as well be bored with seeing the same things around you. Well, you can go ahead with all the wall paint, color, lighting suggestions mentioned but we’ve got more. A lot of used furniture like crockery and light holders can be purchased as wall hangings. Various cost-effective solutions are also possible. A mug on the shelf, a new photo frame and a couple of hangings can work marvelously. Why not fulfill some social responsibility?

Easily available quirky planters along with themed pots can be set in various corners of the house. Fresh flowers can do wonders! There are a lot of small things to tend to as well. Use colored tape to coordinate hangers and color them, ribbons to work wall hangings and a small round table to change it up.

Well, see! A few changes here and there and some money well-spent can turn it all up. In fact, call up a couple of friends, order some comfort food and start working together, multi-tasking all the way. Stick to simplicity and elegance to have the best ambiance ever.











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