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March 15, 2020by Yogesh

Figure out the Decor!

Decorating a house according to one’s needs is a huge task. Meeting up the requirements with color matching the theme is high in it. Either matching color won’t have our expected decor or vice versa.

However, if you live in places like Bangalore or Mumbai, especially if you’ve just started working, rented apartments make it difficult to breathe in them. Left completely stripped of its previous residents, raw and uninviting at times, with the landlord barking on your head about restrictions on decorations, it might seem tough to survive.
Although, you shouldn’t be worried. We’ve got your back. Scroll down for some simple, affordable, and aesthetic ideas for a warm house feel.


Add comfort and warmth to your bed and/or sofas with customizable cushions available online in Bangalore or any other city. It not only adds to the feel but also works as an amazing photoshoot background. Contrast their colors with your walls and you are good to go.


They are said to be a part of an age-old tradition and are easily available on online platforms at nominal prices. Satisfying their main purpose of saving you from bad dreams, they are an addition to the feeling of happiness at your place. Acting as a wall, table or bed hanging and available in multiple colors, designs, and sizes, these are a must.


Lamps and fairy lights are the simplest and easiest tricks to work. Add a table lamp to your study table or buy a floor lamp available at any online furniture store. They allow lights to radiate, reflect, and throw pretty colors all around. Use fairy lights to not only provide a minimalistic reading light for those late-night novels but also to create magical wall designs, maybe a message or pictures of loved ones back home.


Too bad you can’t change your flat flooring? Well, carpets and rugs come to the rescue. Use big rectangular carpets (not too expensive) in the main area where there are high footfall and small designer rugs with slogans in low footfall areas. Carpets are easily available in any online furniture store and rugs can be made at home! You can also get plastics tiles (super cheap) to cover or Customise those nooks and corners if space permits!


Place a comfortable armchair near the floor lamp to make your own corner of joy. Available in different materials, solid wood is easily available and has variety. If it is feasible, you might as well buy one of those multi-purpose recliners to provide seating, comfort, and even work as a makeshift bed for sleepovers with the squad.


A new trend, adding single or multiple-layered wall shelves in and around the flat, works as décor too. Books, mugs, and clocks on them can add a personal touch to your wall. If you don’t have space at the center, the new Corner wall shelves fit right into those unused crooks.


Single-colored or minimalistic design curtains are available in any furniture store. The trick is to match it with your wall and your window type. Small square windows work better with light-colored long curtains while long rectangular windows work better with dark shades. However, don’t forget to take your wall color into account!


Add a little fresh air and environmental sensitivity to your apartment by using real plants instead of expensive artificial ones. Buy handmade ceramic or mud planters from charitable organizations like Talking pots along with cute water can and feel good about money well spent every single day.


(all you need in addition is paint, paper and a little time)
Use mugs printed with handwritten quotes as a pen-stand on the study table. Paint a few plates using geometric patterns to add as wall hangings or showpieces. Use a glass as a makeshift cutlery holder or a flower vase after covering it with color paper and paint.

So, what are you waiting for? Move into that apartment, finalize that budget and go on a shopping spree using the easiest guide ever. Don’t forget to keep it simple, aesthetic and warm!

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