Interior Project Completed – Mr.Rajeev

Most modern-day families face an issue while designing their dream house – how to make the house homely, yet luxuriant. They do not want it to look overly fancy and at the same time, they do not want a place that reminds them of their college PGs. We understand these needs and hence decided to make the most out of the balance between the two for Mr. Rajeev

The Palatial Living Area

Golden leaves hanging from the burnished wooden door welcome you into the palatial living room of the house. Soft peachy walls keep the ambience light and make the unconventional red couch stand out. Blue drapes compliment the couch and the walls. A glistening stone cobbled cabinet with matching green plants make the television set an impressive corner. Jazzy drawers and intricate show pieces increase the grandeur of the place. The monotony of the walls is broken by a set of quirky picture frames and a vintage English clock which add the right amount of drama to the picture. The attention-seeking false ceiling with its lights makes the greenery in the room come alive, making the living room a sight to behold.

The Magnificent Hall

The living room leads to the hall with wooden structures decorating the area. It has an open study to make the space personal. Set in white glazing marble, the mandir stands just beside the study. The calming white colour of the space is broken by perfectly placed green plants on the shelf above the study, the long blue drapes and the golden glow of the false ceiling. Our favourite corner of the house is the snazzy little basin with gleaming wooden cabinets and dim, romantic lighting.

Unparalleled Bedrooms

The splendour of the bedrooms is unmatched. The walls are covered in a beautiful but light blue paint with auburn details. To make this stand out, we have kept the room simple in other aspects. Big beds with sleek side tables and a dresser make up the rest of the room. The cupboards are light in color with shiny brown panels to add spark to the room. The kids’ bedroom has a brick painted wall and is complete with a study table, a classic bookcase and shelves adorned with small pots. To add drama and color, a small deewan couch has been incorporated to make the room different from other of its kind. The false ceiling has been designed in order to compliment the colors in the room.

Red is the new black

The kitchen has been designed with the idea of the cook being comfortable. It has the small-town appeal with lustrous red cabinets and a black marble counter. To counter the spookiness, we have kept the walls white. The stove is completely modular, set in the counter and the cabinets ensure a neat looking kitchen.

Our journey with Mr. Rajeev has been a fantastic one. We have tried to blend in bohemian elements like plants and unconventional colors in the most appealing way, making the house look like the perfect dream house for one.

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