Kunigal-Duplex Home-Manju & Divya Interior project

At Wudbell, our first and foremost goal is to provide 100% customer satisfaction. With this, Manju & Divya Interior project at Kunigal-Duplex, we created a dream home for them complying with all their needs and desires.

Let’s give you a tour around this dreamy home!

Kunigal-Duplex Home Interior project

Mr&Mrs Manju &Divya

A Master Bedroom or a Masterpiece?

Who called it a Master Bedroom and not a Masterpiece? The design of this Master Bedroom is one of our favorites. For this bedroom, we decided on a Canadian Walnut Wooden theme. We used a charming combination of walnut, brown, and white colors to give the room a startling royal appeal.

Our client requested a standout entertainment unit along with the wooden structure king-sized bed. A simple, sleek yet efficiently functional entertainment unit was designed to balance the Canadian walnut wooden theme of the overall space. We decided to make ample space for storage by creating spacious drawers in the TV unit.

The bedroom is supposed to be dark during bedtime. Thus, the idea to hang thick pleasing ivory finish curtains really helped to cancel the outside light while adding to the rich vibe of the zone. The well-planned use of spot lights further enhanced the authenticity of this relaxing area.

Splashes of cheer with the Kid's Bedroom

The rich and royal look of the Master Bedroom was captivating. But the Kid’s Bedroom demands to hold the cheerfulness and joy of childhood. Thus, from bright colors to digitally printed laminated wardrobes… we did it all to bring their dream space into reality. We started with using the combination of yellow and green to give this zone a splash of joy.

A colorful trendy geometrical showcase unit was placed to fulfill a kid’s love to showcase their toys and achievements. The custom bookshelf design assured there is enough space for the books and notes. The entire furniture and classy curtains complemented the yellow and green theme of this area.

To balance out the fun splash of colors and serious overall house interior theme, we kept the ceiling simple with a veneer false ceiling design with a contemporary minimal fan.

A Grand Dining Showcase Unit

When everything about the house interiors is so charming, how can we leave the dining area unattended? To add the much-required spark, we designed an elegant yet amazingly aesthetic dining showcase unit with a window sitter unit. The eye-catching showcase unit with its efficient square and rectangular cabinets were attached with string lights so your showpieces shine in all their glory.

The attached window sitter unit was made multifunctional with elegant drawers. The use of premium quality fabric ivory curtains was inclined towards matching the soulfulness of this impressive space. Finally, the royal veneer false ceiling sparkled to complete the mesmerizing beauty.

The spiritually calming design of the Puja Unit

We give our best efforts to make the Prayer Unit a remarkable aspect of a house. With this Puja Unit, we did exactly the same. The finish of the prayer unit has to match the theme of the home. But the wow factor was the frosted glass door we created with the Ganesha imprints.

Extremely modern and eye-catching, the Lord Ganesha imprinted frosted glass door worked as a fine decorative element. The inside of the Puja Unit was adorned with CNC false ceiling grid to amplify the majestic Lord Tirupathi design.

The magic of Merino

Our client’s satisfaction is our first priority. To create the home of their dreams, we sorted the best latest methods to design the exterior of this stunning duplex.

The wooden theme continued here to make the exterior front stand out and added hints of grey to amplify sophistication. The duplex exterior was meant to be minimal yet breathing. And the results are just wow!

The Ravishing Duplex Home Exterior

The magic of Merino was dominant in the bedroom where a glossy white entertainment unit and uniquely designed G-shaped dressing unit added bewitching oomph. The sleek and classy Merino MR+ glossy white bedroom entertainment unit with its drawers and storage space was a treat to look at.

The real winner for us was the G-shaped dressing unit. The bespoke design reflected the personality and unique choice of modern designs. The Merino MR+ tough glass laminate along with the Merino Canadian walnut finish made for a gorgeous wardrobe.

It's irresistible to look at the Ceilings

The ceilings of the Living room were designed to charm and attract. Covered with rich veneer and adorned with CNC lights, it was hard to not have a look at the amazingly beautiful false ceiling.For all other areas of the picturesque house, we decided to give a magnificent touch using a veneer finish along with LED cove lights and intricately patterned CNC grids

The Client’s Comments

Wudbell is the best choice for everyone looking for designing your dream home. Yogesh not only complied to all our needs but also transformed our abode into a dream home.

It was a pleasure to design Mr. and Mrs. Manju & Divya’s dream home. We hope you relish your residential abode for the years to come!

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BWP Plywood
LNT Specially manufactured for wet area Interior Purpose Plywood.
IS: 710 Grade
BWR Plywood
LNT Specially manufactured for Dry area Interior Purpose Plywood.
IS: 303 Grade
  • Hettich Softclose and Normal & Close Hinges 
  • Ebco Lift up Mechanism 
  • Hettich Tandam Box
  • Hettich Oil Pullout

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