Mr. Amol Jagtap Durga Petals Interior Design E706

Turning new apartments into dream homes has been our passion for a decade now. This newly-built dream home in Durga Petals for Mr. and Mrs. Amol Jagtap is one of our favorites when it comes to luxury, comfort, and spaciousness. We worked closely with our clients to learn about their preferences and gave our exclusive touch to them.
Let’s give you a detailed peek inside this beautiful home!

Durga Petals Interior Design-E706

The Exquisite-yet-functional Foyer Room

Let’s start with the Foyer Room which was designed to provide comfort and a classy edge to the entire space.  Keeping the comfort factor in mind, we decided to install a snugly cushioned sitting unit to ensure warmth and aesthetics to the foyer area. The sitting unit was installed with a shoe rack to introduce multifunctionality.

Furniture that provides ease has always remained our focal point. Hence, tick-ones were used in the place of handles. The triangular wall ledges adorned with spotlights worked wonders to give the boring corner a stunning look.

The majestic entrance to the Fire room

How can we forget the entrance to the fire room? The guests should be already impressed before entering the main area. Hence, we donned the entrance with a wide Ganesha frame to add a majestic touch to space. To further add to its royalty, we adorned the ceiling with lights that focused on the frame and accentuated the art.

Lavish Living Room with Alluring Entertainment Unit

The lavish living room starts with sumptuous walls and ends with splendid curtains. The walls are strikingly calming as they are covered with washable wallpapers enriched with in-demand golden patterns.

We know how alluring lighting can light up the beauty of your living space. Thus, we used lights with three color temperatures to ensure the living room looks pretty as a picture yet calming to the eyes. The entertainment unit is obviously the show stealer of living rooms. Thus, we decided to make it as sleek and neat as possible by concealing the electric wires within the wall paneling.

We also ensure total safety to our clients. For this, we made the entertainment unit kid-friendly by installing handleless drawers with push-through open properties. Fearful of getting tanned while chilling in your living room? This problem doesn’t bother our clients anymore as we used two curtains to block sunlight. The pleasant sheer one is to block 50% of the scorching sunlight while the dark creamy curtain totally cancels outside light.

We further decorated the space with RGB lights. The color of this light can be changed according to your moods into three different colors – Red, Green, and Blue. The option to continuously change the colors adds more fun and vibrance to your cozy space.

Magnificent & Well-Lit Prayer Unit

The prayer unit was decorated with beautiful curtains and spotlights. It has enough space to help seat deities and hand frames. The countertop is made with quartz material to handle the weight of heavy statues. The spacious desks ensure all the religious books and other essentials for the prayer are safely stored.

The Sumptuous Kitchen Area

The three alluring hanging lights await to welcome you to the cooking space. The combination of grey and white acrylic laminate works to give a fabulous appeal to the kitchen. The white quartz of the countertop and spotlighting of the bottom panels of wall cabinets add a magnificent vibe to the entire look.

The kitchen base cabinets are designed to provide maximum functionality. The Hettich PVC cutlery, anti-skid mats, and plate stands provide space to all of your utensils. Even the appliances used are the latest and best in the market.

Luxurious-yet-comforting Master bedroom

Now as we came to the most personal space of a home, we wanted to make it luxurious and posh without compromising on the spaciousness that a master bedroom should have. We started with adding a sense of calm to the room by covering the walls with a neutral shade of washable floral wallpapers.

How can we leave the dressing table without adding a fancy touch? We left sufficient space for placing beautiful artifacts and cabinets. The master bed was as tasteful as it can be with colossal drawers. Finally, the stylish entertainment unit was our last touch to the fancy bedroom.

The Fun-and-funky Kid's room

For the kid’s room, we realized how much they love their toys and trophies. The open cabinets ensure they showcase their little happiness with pride.

Here we used the combination of dark and light colors unlike the theme of the Master Bedroom. The spacious beds with cushioned headboards and storage boxes add to the chic appeal of the kid’s zone.

The Client’s Comments

When I meet Yogesh, I had a special requirement of UPS integration to avoid any interruptions in online meetings and secure all electronic gadgets. Wudbell implemented the whole project in my limited time-frame

We feel elated to help deliver the best results to Mr. Amol Jagtap and craft their dream home will all the love and passion. Hope you relish your blissful residential abode!

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BWP Plywood
LNT Specially manufactured for wet area Interior Purpose Plywood.
IS: 710 Grade
BWR Plywood
LNT Specially manufactured for Dry area Interior Purpose Plywood.
IS: 303 Grade
  • Hettich Softclose and Normal & Close Hinges 
  • Hettich Tandam Box
  • Hettich Oil Pullout
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