Interior Project Completed – Mr.Jayesh

Every individual dreams of having a place they can call home, one that is styled according to their taste and makes them feel at ease. In order to achieve this, clients and designers meet very frequently to decide the course of designing the perfect home. But when Mr. Jayesh and his wife approached us to help make their dream come true, while living outside the country, we took it as a challenge to meet his expectations within the given deadline, to turn an empty bunch of rooms into a permanent haven, with our ideas and their comfort.

A Royal Welcome
As soon as you cross the threshold of this place, shiny stone-cobbled walls will be ready to welcome you. The wooden cabinets and their intricate Gautama Buddha pieces make for a royal entrance into the modern and sleek foyer. The perfectly placed furniture pieces along with the contrasting wall colors make the place look spacious and yet intimate. All the lights on the false ceiling illuminate the right corners of the area, making the foyer seem to have come out from a modern fairytale.
The television set put in with a flattering cabinet makes the foyer double serve as a lively living room. Black marble grazes the stairs with a white wall, keeping all the attention on the psychedelic living room. The colorful drapes over the windows match the carpet and the furniture, making an impactful first impression of the house.

Balance of the Bedrooms
The bedrooms have been designed keeping in mind the need to offer calming vibes to the client. Big and bulky beds with soft contrasting walls make for an effective stress-buster. Old-fashioned dressers have been incorporated to give a classy look to these personal spaces. The jazzy cupboards and an eye-catching false ceiling counter the nostalgic feel and bring in a touch of the new age. LED lighting has been placed strategically to highlight the essence of the rooms. They are kept simple to enhance the beauty of the foyer, but they strike a balance between the old and the new, undoubtedly making for a beauty worth remembering.

Because Food is made with Love
The ambiance of the kitchen also has a part in the taste of the food cooked. To keep it light and airy, the kitchen has been designed in shades of white and brown. Storage cabinets characterize the kitchen on the top in off-white and shiny brown ones at the bottom. The kitchen counter bears the mark of a high-quality and soft-shaded marble top. Care has been taken to minimize the clutter on the counter. The aura of this corner brings to you the small-town kitchen vibes with a contemporary and lustrous twist, making you feel luxuriant and homely at the same time.

Mr. Jayesh’s project has been a wonderful experience for us to learn to create efficient homes in accordance with the needs of the present day and also incorporating changes as per the client. Our favorite corner of the house has to be the master bedroom with the glamorous red walls and brown furniture, sure to make every visitor jealous of the ethereality.

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