Interior Project Completed – Mr.Sandeep

One of our finest works in recent times was the home of Mr. Sandeep and Mrs. Nikita who live in Durgapetal, Doddanakundi. When we were designing this space, we wanted elegance to do the talking. Ultimately, we made sure that this house got the amazing interior designing that it deserves.

Let the calm do the talking!

At the entrance of this house, a beautiful statue of Lord Buddha sits on wooden furniture. This peaceful statue which reflects positivity seemed like the perfect showpiece for an entrance. The highly functional sitting area in the Foyer room which is supported by a washable wallpaper is all that was needed to lift the vibe of the space. The CNC designs and acrylic glass on the ceiling were structured to accentuate the décor.

The spirit was worth a watch!

As soon as you move out of the entrance, the vibrancy of the living room is sure to make you feel rejuvenated. On one side of the living room, we’ve allowed the wall to stand freely with no furniture around it. The exquisite wallpaper has been used to enchant the beholder and make the room look well-designed. On the other side, the entertainment section has been kept at minimal with all-electric wires concealed behind the furniture, to avoid any tangles. The ceiling of this room which is adorned with designs and a quirky fan in the centre one of the most striking features!

Mastering the bedrooms

As you move into the master bedroom, the bright yellow colours from the flowery wallpaper against the bed, fill the room with happiness and energy. Again, we decided to incorporate multi-functionality in this room, which allowed the zone to breathe enough space. The three-door sliding wardrobe here is highly stylish and functional which was designed to accommodate maximum storage. The LED lights on the ceiling accentuate the room even further.

The parent’s bedroom was our next stop, to showcase excellence. Similar touches of minimalism and multi-functionality have been added to this room to preserve elegance. The brown wallpaper that stands behind the bed accentuates the intense effect in the room, giving it the necessary texture, it needs.

The fun and the fire!

The kid’s bedroom had to be the most fascinating of all. This room with amazing stickers on the furniture successfully brings out the child in all of us. More so, each furniture in this room was designed as multi-functional to avoid any storage problems, providing utmost convenience to everyone. Apart from that, the subtle textures used here are perfect for all kid’s rooms. Our favourite corner has to be the blue wallpaper which has the world map designed on it. Isn’t it just magical?

Inside the kid’s room, we’ve built a small yet stunning Puja zone that resides within the white designer doors beside the cupboard. The walls of this puja corner are built with designer tiles that enhance the beauty of this place. The well-illuminated wooden false ceiling further adds the desired effect to it.

A kitchen to die for

Just beside the entrance of the kitchen, we have created a tiny yet stylish dining space for the small family. Here again, we’ve kept the décor at minimal to strike a balance with the vibe of the home. The Multi-functional kitchen area with black and white cabinet was the ideal combination that tends to unite with the whole house just appropriately

Apart from the rigorous brainstorming and hardcore functioning, it was super fun to design this mix of subtelty and splashy!

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