15 Sliding Wardrobe Design Ideas for Your New Home

September 13, 2022by

Modern problems of storage require modern solutions, right? Hinged and swinging doors quickly become things of the past as sliding wardrobe design replace our modern houses.

However, when we offer you design solutions from our customised wardrobe solutions by Wudbell, some confusion is inevitable with so many options available. Here is the list of 15 sliding wardrobe ideas for your new home, and our suggestions to let you know which one is right for you based on your preferences and requirements.

Unique & Modern Sliding Wardrobe Design Ideas for Your Home

1. Modern: All White Sliding Wardrobe

All White sliding Door

The most common yet aesthetically pleasing wardrobe designs of 2022 will have white sliding doors. They are suitable for every room regardless of the wall colour and even the factors like the occupants’ age. In short, one can never go wrong with White sliding wardrobes. You can have white or other colours for the internal elements. If you are looking for a loft over your wardrobe, then it works well with these modern sliding wardrobes, too.

2. Adding Colours: Pastels on Sliding Wardrobes

Pastel Sliding Wardrobe

White is modern, and colours add characters to your room. You can use your wardrobe to make a statement with colours. And when it’s about colours, the options are endless. Right now, pastel colours that emit peaceful and serene vibes are popular. As wardrobes occupy a large part of your room, the colour you choose for them sets the mood for the room.

3. Bring the Bling: Glossy Finish on Sliding Wardrobes

Be it white or coloured, if you want your room to be more illuminated, you can do so with glossy laminates. They are an economical way to add bling to your sliding wardrobe design and are available in a variety of colours.

4. Add a Layer: Textured Sliding Wardrobe

If you want your wardrobe to feel unique to you, textured laminates are the way to go. Textures add one more layer of personalization to your sliding wardrobe. The combination of colour and texture you choose makes your wardrobe look like no other, and it adds luxury to your wardrobe design.

5. Keep it Classy: Matte Finish on Sliding Wardrobes

Matt Sliding Wardrobe

If the bling of the glossy laminate and the drama of textures are not your thing, matte-finished sliding wardrobe designs can be the perfect solution for you. They add a touch of luxury to your wardrobe.

6. Use Reflections: Mirrored Wardrobes

Mirror Wardrobe

Another great material to use on your sliding wardrobe is a mirror. Not only will they add another feature to your wardrobe, but will also make your room feel more spacious and illuminated. With Wudbell, you can get customised mirror doors, too.

7. Traditionally Trendy: Wood (Light & Dark)

Wood Light - Dark

One sliding wardrobe design that is highly practical and will never go out of style, is the wooden doors. While light wood sliding wardrobe doors go well with any colour, with light and pastel-coloured walls, you may want to go for darker wood.

8. Your Call: Wood With Customisation

Another added layer of customisation offered by Wudbell comes in the form of wood with other elements of your choice. Some of the most popular designs for sliding wardrobes would be wood with a normal or frosted mirror finish on the wardrobe. This brings the traditional utility of wood and modern elements of customisation together.

9. Layered Decor: Lacquered Glass Wardrobes

Lacquered Glass Wardrobe

Lacquered glass is a great way to add colours to your glass doors. The sliding wardrobe design will have an opaque layer of colour over the glass. If you are not a fan of plain mirrors or glass on your double sliding wardrobes, they offer much more versatility with several colours. Moreover, they are moisture and heat-resistant.

10. Aim for Durability: PU Sliding Wardrobes

If durability is your need, PU wardrobes are the way to go. Since PU seals the inner materials, they are protected from the environment. Scratches, cuts, and tears hardly come with PU, and therefore, it makes a great choice for sliding wardrobe design for your new home.

11. Economical Alternative: Membrane Finish

One downside of a PU wardrobe is that it might not come within everyone’s budget. A great economical alternative to that is Membrane finish wardrobes. It adds durability to your sliding wardrobe. It is also scratch resistant and ideal for rough use, such as in kids’ rooms.

12. Suited for Space: Walk-In Sliding Wardrobe

Walkin Sliding Wardrobe

If you have the space, walk-in wardrobes will take you to the pinnacle of luxury. Usually, they will feature transparent sliding glass doors, however, if you are a private person, you can get frosted glass for your wardrobe design. These wardrobes are ultra-modern and they are here to stay.

13. Something Different: Metallic Doors Wardrobe

When it comes to modern wardrobes, you can say a lot in less detail with a minimalist approach. The best way to get that minimalist look for your room with a sliding wardrobe design is with metallic doors. If you don’t want wood or glass doors for your wardrobe, metal is for you.

14. Send A Message: Prints & Illustrations

No better way to personalise your wardrobe design than having prints or illustrations, which tell a story. Moreover, you can also opt for 3D illustrations, literally giving your sliding wardrobe another dimension! We can create 3D illustrations and digital prints of your choice on the material of your choice.

15. More Storage Space: Using Corners

Using Corners Wardrobe

V-shaped wardrobes that utilise the corner of your room are a practical use of the space, and with materials like mirrors, glass, or lacquered glass, it can also give your room a luxurious feel. Since these are reflective surfaces, they will also make your room feel more spacious.


These are 15 Sliding Wardrobe Design Ideas for your new home, to complete your modern house. Bedazzle your friends and family with the most unique-looking and practical interiors. If you are also looking for customised wardrobe solutions for your new home, Wudbell’s experts have got you covered!

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