The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Curtains for Your Home

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Curtains serve more than one purpose in your rooms. Not only they are practical, but they also serve as an aesthetic element. Curtains add another layer to your interior decor, and therefore, choosing curtains for doors, windows, and bay windows becomes an important decision. There are many factors to consider while choosing curtains for your home such as fabric, length, colours, and how they are hung. To make your decision easy, here is the ultimate guide to choosing curtains for your home.

7 Important Tips For Choosing Curtains

1. Fabric

Choosing the right fabric for your curtain is the first and most important step of the process. From sheer lace and cotton to velvet, there are multiple options available for you. Something that is made of cotton will demand less maintenance from you, while if it is made of velvet, it can be a little more demanding. You should pick your fabric based on:

  • How much sunlight do you want passing through the curtain
  • The decor of your room

Yes, the decor of your room will also help you decide on your material. Traditional, large rooms will have heavy fabrics, whereas something more informal and casual will go the best with sheer fabrics, linens, etc.

2. Style

If the other soft furnishings such as the sofa in your room is of a solid colour, patterns may be the way to go. And that is true vice-versa also. If your soft furniture is solid coloured, the cushions, rug, etc. should be printed, and therefore, your curtains would also match that aesthetic language if they are printed. Similarly, if the soft furniture has a print/pattern, you should go with solid colours with your curtains.

3. Colour

Kids Bedroom Bay Window Curtain

One of the most important aspects of choosing curtains for your home is choosing their colour. There are two ways to look at this factor. If you are looking forward to choosing a curtain for your windows, you may want to look at the colour of your wall and which colour would complement it.

On the other hand, the second way is to look at the other furniture in the room, and how your curtain’s colour will complement that colour. If you want the curtains to be the focus of your room, you can pick the colours that are in contrast with the wall and furniture.

4. Lined/Unlined

Moving on from the aesthetics, let’s talk about the functionality aspect of a curtain for your home. How much sunlight do you want? Do you want your curtains to be completely opaque, or is there some light required? If your curtain will be placed on a window with direct sunlight, you may want to go for curtains with protective lining. Double layered curtains will make your curtain more opaque, and durable.

One sheer and one opaque layer of curtains can also be used, as it will help you choose the amount of light and privacy you want in your room. Lined curtains are heavier than unlined curtains, an important factor to consider.

5. Measurements


Curtains that touch the floor are in trend nowadays, extra-long curtains that create the puddle look are also preferred by many. You can go for a size that is longer by a few inches for the puddle look. However, longer curtains are not a good idea if you have kids or pets in your house. Opt for a couple of inches above the floor if that is the case.

For windows, the curtains should end at the sill, but you can go longer if that is your preference. The width of your curtain will depend on the frame or moulding of your windows and doors, especially if you have something like a modern bay window. You may want to have a few inches extra with the width for that gathered look when the curtains are drawn back.

6. Hardware

Fabric Sheer and Dark Curtains

Not only curtains, but the accessories that come along with the curtains are also just as important. Curtain rods and brackets are essential to functionality, but just like curtains, they can also be an aesthetic choice when picked in the right way.

They are made of wood, brass, iron, steel, and many other materials. When determining the curtain rod length, measure the width of your door, window, or bay window, and add a foot to either side. This will give you ample space for curtain panels. They also come as singles or doubles, if you want to hang sheers with your curtains. Just like curtains, their colour would be an important factor depending on the colour of your walls, curtains, and other furniture.

7. Off-the-shelf or customised

Based on your requirements, this is an important factor to consider when choosing curtains for your home. If your windows come under the standard measurements, the ready-made curtains may work for you. The sheer ready-made curtains are some of the most affordable ones out there. However, if you want the measurements and accessories like curtain rods and brackets made according to your style for something like modern bay windows, customised curtains are the way to go. Customised curtains give you the liberty of having the curtain elements according to your taste.

Quick Summary

Hope this will help you make the right decisions when it comes to choosing curtains for your home. The factors affecting your choice of curtains are the fabric, styling, colours, lining, measurements, hardware to go along, and their made (ready-made or customised). And if you are looking for a professional makeover of your room, you can get the best interior designers in Bengaluru from Wudbell, to help you transform your living space.
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