Interior Project Completed – Mr.Harshit Durgapetals

Mr. Harshit and Mrs. Shradha Patel both were busy with their schedule they haven’t time to visit during installation. With WUDBELL, they can simply relax as we do all the running around. The dedicated site supervisor managed their project, on-site every day. He has taken care of everything from High-quality checks to clearances and compliances.

Foyer room: First up we have this beautifully furnished foyer room which absolutely adheres to the requirements for a modern home. We love how the ceiling is made of peripheral wood with acrylic glass CNC Grill to give it a fabulous structure. The concealed LED light here gives a more refined look tothe ceiling and enhances its appearance. As we come down to the wall, we seethis extravagant teak wood veneer with PU matt finish that gives proper reach to the foyer. So, the whole area is basically a well-established wooden space.

Shoe Rack: Moving on we come to the shoe rack that has an L-shaped structure with a seating area to put the shoes on. The seating area as you can see, is constructed with dark galaxy marble that is adding to the eccentricity of
the space. This Foyer section here is made of fine CNC Cutting duco paint. How cool is that?
This section of the wall that is covered with this classic wallpaper is washable.So, in case of any stains, you do not have to worry about replacing the wallpaper or hiding it away. You can simply wash it off, and you will be all set!

Living Room: Next up, we come to the Living room which is again beautifully decorated with minimalistic décor yet refined lighting and furnishing. We see this knotty pine veneer with Burma teak veneer that looks fabulous, adding a
texture to the feel of this room. As we come to the TV unit of the living room,we see this Grue theory that reduces the sharpness of the edges thereby allowing more space to set in. Also, we have this smartly incorporated open
area for settop box and other television equipment that would have drained the space easily.This station with two drawers provides convenience to store anything as this space contains concealed wiring. The area here also has peripheral border of teak veneer so it appears to be well decorated with minimal setting.As we go up to the ceiling, we see this L-shaped wooden ceiling, structured with gypsum in the center, containing spot light and LED strip lights that
spread the light equally on all corners.Close to the entertainment unit, we observe this stunning peripheral teak
veneer border with wallpaper. And look at this personal space where our client has captured their happy memories in a collage to complete the look of the room. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Dining Room: Coming towards the dining room we see this alluring section of two transparent glass doors with drawers and shutters. So, it provides enough convenience and space to store household equipment. As we walk from the dining area towards the kitchen, you can see this beautiful wall panelling of teak wood with PU Matte finish. It gives an artistic perception of separation of the dining area from kitchen, and we love how the continuity of the ceiling design breaks so intellectually.The lighting in this dining area is done up with spot light and LED strip light on this gypsum fall ceiling.

Kitchen: “Good design is like cooking, it can be tasted but not explained.”This kitchen sums up these words beautifully. On entering the kitchen, the first thing that draws our attention is this tranquil combination of White drawers with Ocean blue walls that colour the sides and break the monotony of white.As we come near the kitchen base, we see 5 wire baskets with 3 tandem of soft closing systems that make the kitchen more convenient and ecstatic. The
kitchen slabs are structured with off white quartz stone and this ocean coloured lacquered glass is giving a beautiful feel to the kitchen. The kitchen wall cabinet is another well-lit area with customized drawers that are handle less for better convenience. They also have a two-way sensor LED lighting on the sides that make it easier to reach out for items and other kitchen tools. Here, this is corner carved specially for storing spices, pickles and more that can be stored here chronologically. This space makes it very hassle free for the cook to make easy movements and reach out for things quickly.The electrical appliances here are also provided by Wudbell so this stylish
chimney, HOB and Microwave Oven that complement the kitchen design. Very quickly we come to the wall cabinet area where we see this well-maintained sink. All these wall slabs that are being used for storing utensils, give the
perfect edge to the kitchen.

Kids Bedroom: ‘We worry about what our child will become tomorrow yet we forget that he is someone today.’ – Wudbell is certainly defining this with its extraordinary interiors. In the kid’s bedroom we have put in surreal combinations of digital HD texture and Off-white laminates that make the room look beautiful and colourful. The
Digital HD texture on these cupboard centers and ceiling blocks reflects a highly traditional look that is capable of balancing with the modern look of the room.

Master Bedroom: “When you go all over the world for work, your dream
vacation is your bedroom.” – and so when you come back to the best it will be all worth it!The master bedroom as you can see has a very lavish yet decent look to reflect with a beautiful combination of wormy smoked maple and champagne colour.The colours are very soothing and allow people to sleep in peace.The wardrobes of the room have sliding doors with Hettich Top line soft close mechanism. So, these doors also have a wooden strip pattern as you can see.Because there is already ample internal storage, we did not provide another space for wardrobe. The dressing unit also has the same type of combination with a sleek mirror containing drawers below them to store makeup items and more

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