Which Is Better For Indian Home Interiors- Laminate Vs Veneer?

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In this blog, we are going to know about the difference between Laminate vs Veneer, also how it is useful for Indian home interiors. Wooden furniture is something that is inevitable in every Indian home. However, we are very much agitated to buy good quality furniture at the merest price and should also give out a good texture and simple look.

veneer,walnut veneer
Canadian walnut veneer


Laminate sheets are made by bonding together two or more layers of materials. Laminate sheets from plastics are glued to wood to make the surface aesthetic. These sheets are manufactured by laminating different types of papers with formaldehyde. Also known as sun mica


A veneer is a very thin piece of wood that is attached to particleboard or other types of manufactured wood. Veneers are used to lessen the cost of a project without sacrificing the overall appearance.

Laminate vs Veneer #1: CLASSIFICATION

Laminate: They are available in very different types such as Matte-finish laminate, Textured laminate, Gloss-finish laminate, Metallic laminate, etc. They are textured into wood or stone type, according to the personal choice the selection can be depleted.

Veneer: They have got varieties of classification such as Natural wood & Composite Veneer, Backed & un-backed veneer faces, Pre-finished Veneer, etc. More number of shades cannot be expected from veneer since it’s a natural material, shades are limited.

laminate,pabelo laminate
Pabelo Acacia Laminate


Laminate vs Veneer #2:  MAINTENANCE

Laminate: Laminate is very easy to maintain since it doesn’t need to polish, refinish or color it regularly. It results out best for Indian home furniture’s.

Veneer: Contrary to laminate, it is awfully easy to refinish veneer furniture. You can paint or stain veneer pieces as per your choice. Veneer has to be polished frequently to retain the look.

veneer,orchard veneer
Orchard Delight Veneer
Laminate vs Veneer #3: DURABILITY

Laminate: Laminate is strong and durable and has a long shelf life. However, comparing with the solid wood furniture laminate tends to have less durability. The major benefit of laminate is that it is stain and scratch-resistant.

Veneer:  Veneer has got more uniform appearances such that it always get matches existing furniture in the house. Veneer gets scratched easily compared to both laminate and solid wood. High maintenance is required for the veneer home furniture.

veneer,pinewood veneer
Pinewood Veneer


Laminate vs Veneer #4: COST

Laminate: Laminate is which cost only a quarter of solid wood and veneer since for moderate price and good quality furniture the best choice is always is laminate.

Veneer:  Veneer is the one which costs higher than laminate but when in comparison to solid wood it is lower cost. The price of veneer always depends upon the quality of the wood.

laminate,walnut laminate
Straight Walnut Laminate


Laminate vs Veneer #5: USAGE

Laminate: Confer to their quality laminates are mainly used in kitchen cabinets. Laminates can also use in wardrobes, flooring, and also for other furniture.


Veneer:  Veneer is mainly used in furniture where you need focal points or statements of pieces, as a result of their extraordinary look and aesthetic characters.

Laminate, Columbian laminate
Columbian Cadiz Laminate

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