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LNT Group

LNT Group, which was established as Shree Laxmi Narayan Timber and Plywood, is known for its decades of service to the timber and plywood industry. With its inception in 2002, it is renowned for its materials like Plywood, Laminates, Timbers and all kinds of decorative items for modern day furnishing. It has ventured into the furniture industry to cater the best products to the clients at a reasonable price and to bridge the different problems, which a client faces while getting furniture made through a carpenter. Wudbell is an initiative by the LNT Group, which is your one stop solution to all your Interior Decoration needs.

So if you are confused between choosing the interior decorators available in the market? Do you find it difficult to trust them with your Dream Home? At Wudbell, our expert designers promise you a home that breathes just like you imagined.

The story of Wudbell

The two brothers, Yogesh and Manoj were just like ordinary homeowners, with a task of decorating their homes with the best Home Décor. Little did they know that this task in hand would leave them in shock? The troubles started when they could not find the perfect designer and ended with an insight that even at the expense of time and money, one cannot find the right quality and fair price.

This bitter symphony led to the formation of Wudbell, an enterprise founded in 2015, which would soon remove all the hassles faced by them and others, just like them, who want a Dream Home. Wudbell is the answer to all your problems and this is the reason why thousands of homeowners trust this brand for their complete Home Décor needs. Wudbell, A home so beautiful, it makes you homesick when you are away!


To provide you with the best quality of products at the fairest of prices. Our Designers are bound to revolutionize your experience with best technology and excellent designs.


To deliver a hassle free experience when it comes to Interior Decoration and to tackle all your problems like it is our own!


Mr. Yogesh plays a very important role at Wudbell. His many years of experience at Interior Designing has helped him to be a role model to the entire team, which helps to cater to the clients with the best products and designs. His valuable insight helps the team to come up with various custom designs, which are available for creation.


CTOMr. Manoj

Mr. Manoj is the visionary behind most of the designs at Wudbell, which helps the designers to form a clear strategy while shaping these lovely homes. Working in this industry for years now, he has an in-depth knowledge about the best materials and better designs, which stand out amongst the competitors. His ideas have revolutionized the way Wudbell works to stand out in the industry.

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wudbell is a complete solution for your interior needs.
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