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Often, even after investing a lot of time and money, we end up with adjusting to reality and give up the dream of the perfect house. Wudbell provides a one-stop-solution to all your interior needs because we believe that designing the place where one comes back to, is not just business. It is an art, an emotion, and a passion to turn a desolate four-walled space into a warm haven.

LNT Group

LNT Group, which was established as Shree Laxmi Narayan Timber and Plywood, is known for its decades of service to the timber and plywood industry. With its inception in 2002, it is renowned for its materials like Plywood, Laminates, Timbers and all kinds of decorative items for modern day furnishing. It has ventured into the furniture industry to cater the best products to the clients at a reasonable price and to bridge the different problems, which a client faces while getting furniture made through a carpenter. Wudbell is an initiative by the LNT Group, which is your one stop solution to all your Interior Decoration needs.

So if you are confused between choosing the interior decorators available in the market? Do you find it difficult to trust them with your Dream Home? At Wudbell, our expert designers promise you a home that breathes just like you imagined

WHAT WE DO?Design for life

Interior designing is our dream. Thus, Wudbell is the platform where we figure this dream into reality. The experience of creating, designing, and renovating homes inspires us to change the world and turn it into a magic land. Our team functions to fabricate the best interior designs for you so that we can provide you with your dream home to fulfill our dreams. Our ambition to keep designing for life compels us to surrender our talent at your expectations and showcase the best version of our services by offering exceptional interior designs. Wudbell boasts an array of services that promises to enhance the aura of your home and traverse it into a Paradise on Earth.

THE END RESULTMaking a better home

At Wudbell, we focus on creating a home that feels like a portal into peace. It should be a space where you can breathe, relax and just be yourself. It should render a sense of privacy, comfort, and warmth on its own. Thus, we aim at making a better home that is not just well-designed but also caters to every requirement that the client hunts for in their dream home. We dive into the intricate preferences of each family member to create an extravagant space that is made just for you. The style, functionality, and unconventionality we offer, is one-of-a-kind.


Home is a very private space that stays with us forever. Thus, every slight detail here plays a significant role in moulding a home that one can cherish for a lifetime. Wudbell believes in devising a space that compels its owner to fall in love with their shelter and cling to it for all that they require. We aspire to offer unmatched services at an affordable price that subdues all your worries of living in an ideal home. With top-notch quality, superior interior designs and incredible decorations, our team strives to offer you all the convenience you can dream of.



Wudbell is a platform that believes in helping its beloved clients to live their dreams. We bring this dream to life by offering outstanding interior design services that are hassle-free, reliable and unmatchable. The process of making dreams walk into the real world inspires us to construct designs that speak stories and defines the homeowners organically. The trailblazers who make this entire design process imaginable is our professional designers. They brainstorm wholeheartedly to create a home that you can call yours with pride in the heart. The subtle textures, quirky décor pieces, and preferable furniture are all woven following your wishes.

HOW DO WE DO ITOur design process

The process of interior design is our favorite. The making of every home includes a variety of thoughts that are combined to form a stand out home with everything unique. We put together different spanking styles that spin magic onto the mood of the stayer so it lifts their energy instantly. Our experts unite to brainstorm and structure creative designs to leave you awestruck. We make sure that all the planning and executing are complete by the prescribed time to offer a hassle-free experience. With fine workmanship, we believe in creating homes that you’d love to call yours for generations and on. That’s how we transform a house into a home!

Old Way


Wudbell Way

  • Analysis
  • Project
  • Production
  • Handover

The first step to creating a fabulous interior designing is to inspect every corner of the house and map out a visual design for ideal execution. Our experts tour across the spaces and chalk out your preferences. This enables them to create your dream home accurately. Space-saving, furniture-placing, colour schemes, and décor instalments are some of the many things we analyze during this process. Our team also expertise in helping you figure out every area according to the Vaastu. Thus, this process guides us in planning out our execution correctly so that we can leave no room for errors


The next process involves designing which brings us to the midway of the project. Once the payment is processed, we initiate the designing process along with a team of professional designers who assist in creating a home of perfection. Each design is woven by your preference so that you can have a hassle-free experience. Each intricate space is taken into consideration which avoids leaving any corner undone. This process is completed with a specific period to provide deliverables at the earliest. We also adhere to your budget planning to cause minimal inconveniences.

and Building

The third process initiates the production of designs and home décor. At this point, all our experts unite to provide extravagant services to you. Plywood calibration, laminate pressing with a hydraulic machine and the cutting and binding are all put under construction as per your requirement. Slight changes in the design are also welcomed during this time so that we can offer the best of our services without allowing any compromises from your end. Every piece is carved out with top-notch machines and advanced tools to leave no stones unturned.


During the final stage, we involve all our endeavours in formulating unique structures and designs that do the talking. We start putting all the designs together and decking up the spaces one by one. We make sure that the whole project is handed over to you within 45 days of the process so that you can have your ideal home in no time. All the other three processes are completed by this time to offer exceptional deliverables that will leave you taken aback. Once the project is handed over, we make sure you and your family members luxuriate in the home you always wanted to live in.

WHAT ELSE DO WE DOServices we can offer you

We boast a comprehensive list of services that can provide you with all the interior design requirements under one roof. Our team concentrates on offering different designs that not only create a perfect space but also make it comfortable enough to reside in. Whether its an office space or a home, we design it all!




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